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About Kristin's Kitchen Bakery


Hello, I'm Kristin, the proud owner and baker of Kristin’s Kitchen Bakery! Since learning to bake in my grandma’s kitchen as a little girl, I've always dreamed of owning my own bakery. Over the years I’ve created many delicious baked goods for friends and family, and today, my childhood dream is becoming a reality with the creation of Kristin’s Kitchen Bakery!

As I grow my bakery, I'm not just fulfilling my dream but also showing my daughters that determination and drive can turn dreams into reality.

In the heart of our small community, I'm bringing a taste of homemade to every doorstep. From delightfully decorated sugar cookies, custom cakes and cupcakes for your special event, decadent brownies, fresh bread, flaky pie crusts filled with gourmet flavors and on-trend desserts like cakesicles, every treat is evidence of my passion and attention to detail!

At Kristin’s Kitchen Bakery, enjoy the flavors of tradition, all handcrafted with love. Where every bite is not just an incredible treat; it’s a piece of my story shared with you.

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